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Everything about our custom paints

Scatto Italiano paints part of our The One service are characterized by bright colors, opaque finishing, iridiscent light and cast metal effects. Each chromatic composition highlights the character of the bicycle and promises sophistication and exclusivity at the highest levels.

More than just simple colors

Our special paints include over 100 shades with metallic, opaque or bicolored finishes, covering the entire spectrum of colors. From sporty to stylish, discreet and catchy, The One Scatto Italiano paints allows our clients to express their personality through a “tailor-made” bicycle.

Precious metal

Chromium or gilding treatments create a surface so shiny and durable that appears to be made of cast metal. With their deep and intense sharpness, these fascinating workmanships are the result of an elaborate process that includes a sophisticated sanding and polishing process carried out with craft precision.

Chromium plating


In-depth knowledge of the proportions, geometries and shapes of our frames allows us to achieve a graphic balance that represents an alternative way to visually affirm their own personal style. Our goal is to rewrite the iconic bike graphics of the past combining unparalleled color combinations with current processing techniques, this is our distinctive feature.

Our goal is to ensure that our bicycles have distinct and unique design, so each graphic combination is exclusively tied to the desires of our customers, without any possibility of being replicated on other products in our collection. Our style and design center is constantly engaging in a research and study process that resembles our values: innovation, elegance and passion.


Natural design

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Everything about the customization of molds

Each tree is unique just like the products that can be derived from it. There are no wood grains that are identical: a perfect condition for the philosophy of Scatto Italiano. Simply touching our handlebars made of American walnut you will instantly appreciate the exclusivity and above all the time and effort required to create it.

Natural Lines

Our accessories are made of the finest wood, characterized by perfect and defined grain, whose formal harmony is a tribute to the craftsmanship with which they were realized.
The wood grains and the inner structure of the essence are distinctive features for selecting and choosing a lumber, as they must comply with our high constructive standards.


Found the perfect essence of the raw material is cut to size, honed and finished by our craftsmen whose mastery has deep roots in a training courses which begun in the 40s in an old artisanal workshop.

In realizying a totally customized product, we do not only offer a wide range of finishes and essences, but we also offer to our customers the possibility to design together with our designers unique accessories based on their needs and desires.

As with wooden fenders, the customer is personally asked to express his opinion and wishes on the final design of the product with the only limitation that the final product must be consistent with the spirit and tradition of our brand.


Palpable Exclusivity

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Everything about the customization of the leather

Impeccable selection

Our collection of saddles is distinguished by a combination of centennial history and last-generation design, perfect synthesis of tradition and research of new innovative solutions.

Inconfondible sign

The individual charm of every Scatto Italiano creation can be further enhanced thanks to the ability to customize of certain components such as saddles or ribbons by contrasting, engraving or punching stitches.

The art of sewing

Many phases of the customization processes require the use of a very sophisticated instrument: the hands. Compared to machines, humans have a great advantage, sensitivity. The seams on the leather are made primarily by hand, creating an exclusive seam pattern.

For the creation of distinctive components, only the best leather is selected. Fine-grained Merino leather is dyed in barrels, a sophisticated coloring procedure that preserves the natural softness and breathability. We do not only care for comfort, but we ensure through rigorous stress tests that selected leather have high resistance and durability qualities.


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Everything about the customization of the components

Perfection means absolutely no defects. We specifically study each customer's desires by identifying those components that can satisfy these. Exclusive equipment for extraordinary and unique customizations.

We analyze together with our customers the possible conditions of use to provide the best combination, studying each single trasmission, defining those that are suitable for the plain, uphill and downhill. The result is a bicycle that stands out for its mechanical qualities.

Quality is not only measured in terms of aesthetics but also functionality, so we decide to use only carefully tested components with high mechanical qualities, such as Campagnolo hubs. The use of low weight components made our bicycles more easily manoeuvrable and pedalable.

We work on customized frame geometries taking into account our customers’ spefic biometrics. A perfect definition of the angles and proportions of the tubes allows an ideal distribution of forces and weight balancing between the front and rear wheels. This condition allows you to maximize your muscular activity while ensuring a superior comfort.

The One logo is a peculiarity exclusively reserved for our full “tailor-made” service. Exceptionality has a name and emblem, The One communicates it with discretion, an unmistakable inscription is present on various items of the bicycle components like the rims.

We make our components unique, transforming the wishes of our customers, even the most particular ones, into the perfect creations of Italian craftsmanship. We use all of our experience to design your perfect bike in terms of aesthetics, functionalities and quality.

Those who drive a Scatto Italiano expect something special. That is why we commit to finding the perfect workmanship and timeless elegance together with the attention to the smallest detail.