IT | 12 June 2015

A bag that link the bike in three easy steps

Our first patent

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As the target was having a mix between functionality and beauty/elegance, since the earliest phase of the project the clutch bag design has been oriented to contain everyday life objects – all the main tablet models included – and to be hooked up to the frame easily.
Accurate study of the clutch bag proved to be a successful strategy to obtain a product with a connection system never seen before; no product available on the market has such kind of solution. The uniqueness of the concept idea was the very reason that convinced us to patent it.
The clutch bag is tightly anchored to the frame by means of a leather band connected to the bag inner walls and magnets placed on the bottom.
Once the leather band is unanchored and put into the clutch bag, no one would guess the latter is a bike accessory/product mounted on a bike.
Magnets on the bottom of clutch bag have two insulation layers: the first one, placed between magnet and leather on the steering tube side, avoids the wear of leather over the time due to repeated anchoring/unanchoring to the frame; the second reinforced layer is a shield to protect magnetic-based devices (i.e. badges, credit cards,…) contained in the inner part of the bag from potential malfunctions.
With a 24 cm long base and 4 kg traction force, both magnetic coupler and leather band ensure a tight anchorage of clutch bag to the frame without hampering the rider while pedaling.
The magnetic coupler structured this way allows the anchorage to the frame in three easy steps:
1. fastening of the leather band round the crossbar and closing of first two press studs close to the said bar; 2. Positioning of clutch bag on the downtube to ensure the coupling of the magnet inside the bag to the frame; 3. closing of the two left pressure studs with the ones inside the clutch bag according to dimensions of the frame.
Each clutch bag, totally hand-made, has a series part number printed on the postcard included in the purchase.

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