DE | 02 February 2016

Winning of ”Excellent Communications Design”

German Design Award 2016

“The Italian Alchemy” project developed by Scatto Italiano and Wafer Boards on the occasion of Fuori Salone 2015 – the most important industrial design event in the world with Salone del mobile – won the German Design Award 2016 for “Excellent Communications Design - Brand identity” category.
German Design Award is a prestigious international award conferred by German Design Council, una of the biggest organization that award prizes to excellences from the world of design.
The prize was given to “The Italian Alchemy” because this project has been recognized as solution capable to represent the common will by both brands to transform the design process into a real chemical formula where each element has a precise and crucial role to success of final product.
To represent this concept, chemical cruets, furnishings and ad hoc pictures have been used as background for bicycles and skateboards of both brands;…
German Design Award international jury, composed of 35 members, met in Frankfurt on 30-31 of July and, in that occasion, awarded prizes to the winning candidates as BMW GROUP, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, NIVEA for “Excellent Product Design” category.

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